Discover the beauty of decay

There is a mysterious world of which almost nobody knows it exists. A fascinating world, where time has stopped. Where mankind has withdrawn and nature slowly gains ground. Loneliness and desolation play a leading role. This world is hidden behind ‘No Trespassing’ signs. These are very photogenic places that are worth to be immortalized. Photographer Vincent Jansen photographes ‘the beauty of decay’ aka urbex.

Urbex is a combination of curiosity, excitement, naughtiness and devilment

Vincent Jansen, explorer and photographer

He enters sites where no one cares for anymore and tries to capture the atmosphere of those places. To him it is a combination of curiosity, excitement, naughtiness and devilment. Exploring churches, factories, mortuaries, sanatoriums, villas or theaters… All those abandoned buildings that are quietly waiting for renovation or demolition, have to offer plenty of amazing photo opportunities. Especially when time and nature leave their traces. Rust on the ironwork, peeled paint on the walls, broken glass and tiles, moss growing on concrete… hooray for decay!

Okay, show me some art


Read more about Urban Exploration? This is what Wikipedia says about urbexing.

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